Changing the way you think, changes everything

  • Does PPPeLearning cost anything?
    You are required to enroll in the PPPeLearning course . If your employer has a contract with us, you will have full access to the PPPeLearning at no extra charge

  • Do I need to complete PPPeLearning to participate in Psych Chats Online?
    No, you do not. You do need to enroll in PPPeLearning as a registered participant BUT you do not need to complete the entire course. Window shop and complete the course modules you find interesting. The more modules you complete, the more versed you will be in your understanding of the PPP system and inter-related modules. Once you have successfully completed the PPPeLearning course YOU AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A NETWORK CONSEILLER

  • How do I become a NETWORK Conseiller?
    As just mentioned, you will complete all PPPeLearning Modules so you will have a studied overview of the total system of thought.. You wll soon learn this is a continuing personal development process. The more you participate in PsychChatsOnline, the more accomplished you will become in your ability to self-manage your own personal health and help others do the same

  • Can I charge for my lay counseling ?
    No, Positive Performance Psychology is a body of thought. It is,a new way of looking at ourselves. The reward is simply one of pople helping people, as we learn more about helping ourselves and each other. If you are a Nurse, Counselor, Social Worker, etc., PPPeLearning can supplement your practice

  • Can I use the PPPeLearning online course in my efforts to help others?
    Absolutely! You will want to share your understanding of Positive Performance Psychology and there is no better way than using the course as a teaching tool. If the other person wants to enroll in PPPeLearning he or she can do so and you can help the person along as desired

  • What is the ultimate purpose guiding Les Counseillers ?
    As we learn how to better self-manage our own lives and share our understanding of the same with others, we are building healthy communities. These communities can be our neighborhood, workplace, church, school, and most certainly our home