PSYCHCHATS is an online forum reserved for NETWORK Coaches seeking advanced understanding of Positive PERFORMANCE Psychology, PPPeLearning course content, and how to implement the same with others seeking self-management of personal health and


NETWORK Coaches will explore how to make the best use of the Personal Concerns Inventory (PCI) in their interactions with friends, patients, neighbors and anyone else they want to help through development of self-assessment, focusing skills

NETWORK Coaches wanting to explore SLT and the complex relationships among the four core theoretical constructs will submit questions, comments and general inquiries as to how to understand the theory sufficiently well to then teach it to others, individually, in groups and classes

NETWORK Coaches wanting to learn more about inter-relationships between SLT and Polyvagal Theory, and how to more fully understand Mind/Body Integration will submit thoughts, questions and creative ideas here. Thus, they will be interested in learning how to integrate bottom-up with top-down approaches to the understanding of a Full-Body Attitude

NETWORK Coaches wanting to learn more about the 4-core competencies of high performance personalities and how to develop the same, will address this group with questions and thoughts as to how to teach these skills to others, not to mention integrate them into their own lives. There will be many different questions and ideas because this section of courses is large and highly detailed.

NETWORK Coaches wanting to understand how RT is similar to and different from Mindfulness Training, and other forms of calming the Autonomic Nervous System, will address this group with questions and thoughts as to who can benefit from RT and what kinds of personal concerns are most relevant (i.e., back and neck pain, strains and sprains, anxiety, tension, sleep, headaches, depression, burn-out, etc.)

NETWORK Coaches wanting to sharpen their sword as this relates to greater effectiveness in communicating the content and skills of PPPeLearning will explore with questions and share their challenges, while also sharing what works best for them. Personal growth, personal effectiveness and greater ability to help others help themselves will be central to this focus group

NETWORK Coaches wanting to implement PPPeLearning will be encouraged to discuss workplace injuries, healthcare cost containments, injury prevention, early intervention and long-term disability issues. This group will be of interest to Safety Directors, Chief Culture Officers, Occupational Health Nurses, Case Managers, Human Resource Directors

NETWORK Coaches are invited to submit ideas, comments, creative notions, anything related to the Positive Development of self and others. The objective is to open the dialogue beyond PPPeLearning, to learn about new applications not yet discussed or perhaps thought about